A Note from Annie

Bone chilling temperatures at Northport Golf Club!

If you were like me, you were sitting inside last weekend dreaming of warmer weather, golf and bare feet. The golf course was all tightly wrapped waiting for April 15th.

The Northport Board of Directors have been busy discussing the upcoming season and getting membership packets ready for March delivery. 

WE are excited to welcome back our Pro, John Hickson and our Superintendent, Robb Herron.

There are a few new faces on the Board of Directors for our club. We welcome Megan Farris, Steve Drake and Pippa Jollie. Pippa has agreed to take on the responsibly of treasurer from our out going treasurer of many years Terry Fancy. Terry is still an instrumental member on our team as we go through this transition.

We have 3 new members on the executive committee; Annie Pickford, President, Ken Gordon Vice President and Pippa Jollie, Treasurer. Here is a look at the current Board of Directors:

So keep your eyes out for your membership packet, start dusting off your clubs and dream about teeing off April 15th.

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