NGC 2022 Member Guest Tournament

The annual Member Guest Tournament was held on August 6th and 7th, with a practice round on the 5th. There was a full field, and as usual, the tournament was a success!

Terry Whitney and his guest, Dave Ames, took the top spot, winning the overall championship. Chad Place and Matt Lahaye took 2nd place, followed by Steve Drake and Logan Carmen in 3rd place.

The complete results:

8/6-7/22 Northport Golf Club Member-Guest

Overall Winners: (1)Terry Whitney, Dave Ames  (2) Chad Place, Matt Lahaye  (3) Steve Drake, Logan Carmen
1st Flight (1) Kevin Dains, Scott McPherson,  (2) Preston Ward, Eric Lacroix
2nd Flight (1) Steve Drake, Logan Carmen (2) Butch Littlefield, Jack Martel
3rd Flight (1) Larry Quinn, Allen Holmes, (2) Rick Cronin, Brill Williams
4th Flight (1) Steve Stanford, Bert Bailey, (2) Dave Wentworth, Jeff Smith
5th Flight (1) Terry Whitney, Dave Ames (2) Bruce Spaulding, Mitch Spaulding
6th Flight (1) Chad Place, Matt Lahaye (2) Kevin Nickerson, Shannon Gray
7th Flight (1) Alan Blood, Greg Skafidas (2) Chad Otis, Ryan Otis
8th Flight (1) Dave Potvin, Devin Potvin (2) Jim Boulier, Barry McCluskey
9th Flight (1) Duke Marston, Tim Thompson (2) Doug Wentworth, Brendan Wentworth

Special thanks to the staff and volunteers who helped make the tournament successful:

Shirley Caler, Leslie Eaton, John, Hickson, Paula Herron

As part of the tournament, the Northport Ladies get together for a fun scramble event on Saturday afternoon. Five teams participated, and there was a two-way tie for first place. The team of B Boulder, T Kangas, and N Thompson shot 34, as did the team of S Caler, L Desmarteau, S DeHayes and P Wood.

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