2022 Event Schedule


15thSign up dates for major events are listed below. Sign up in the Pro Shop
Sign up Men’s Twilight League 1st Half by 4/30/2022 closing
Sign up Men’s 4-Ball Championship by 4/30/2022 closing
Sign up Men’s President Cup by 5/06/2022 closing
Sign up Men’s Club Championships by 5/27/2022 closing
Sign up Men’s Seniors and Super Seniors by 6/03/2022 closing
Sign up Women’s President Cup by 6/18/2022 closing
Sign up Women’s Cub Championship by 6/18/2022 closing
17thPoint Quota 3 of 4
21stWomen’s Thursday League Starts – 9am – Sign up by Wednesday Noon
24thPoint Quota 3 of 4


1stWelcome Back Scramble – Cancelled due to weather forecast
2nd4-Ball Championship Begins – sign up by 4/30/2022
3rdTwilight starts – sign up by 4/30/2022
4thScotch Foursome begins – Season Opener – Pinehurst
8thPoint Quota 3 of 4
9thMen’s President Cup begins – sign up by 5/06/2022
12thRangers start – 12 noon start – sign up by 5/11 5pm with Mike Marshall
15thPoint Quota 3 of 4
21st Lion’s Pride Tournament ( rain date May 28th)
22ndMember-Member Tournament (Men’s and Women’s divisions)
28thLadies Welcome Back Scramble – Noon start, sign-up 25th by noon
29thPoint Quota 3 of 4
30thHoliday 2 Man Best Ball — Pins & Sweeps
30thMen’s Club Championship begins – sign up by 5/27/2021


4thRotary Tournament
5thPoint Quota 3 of 4
6th Men’s Seniors & Super Seniors begins – sign up by 6/03/2022
12thRoger Lothrop 1 Day Member Guest 1pm start. Men, Women, Mixed
19thPoint Quota 3 of 4
23rdWomen’s President Cup begins — sign up by 6/16/2022
26thRyder Cup


4thFlag Tournament
14thPoint Quota 3 of 4
14thWomen’s Club Championship —sign up by 6/16/2022
16thSearsport Scholarship Fund Tournament
17thPoint Quota 3 of 4
24thPoint Quota 3 of 4
31stPoint Quota 3 of 4


5thMember- Guest (BB & Sweeps)
6-7thMember-Guest Tournament
6thWomen’s Fun Scramble – 2pm start — Dress up optional but encouraged!
11th(Dryden Dutch) Shriners Tournament — noon start
14thPoint Quota 3 of 4
21stPoint Quota 3 of 4
21stScotch Foursome Championship (12:30pm with bar-b-que to follow)
23rdWSMGA Play Day — 9:00am start
27thBelmont Fire Department Tournament
28th Point Quota 3 of 4


4thPoint Quota 3 of 4
5thHoliday 2-Man Best Ball — Pins & Sweeps
9thBelfast Chamber of Commerce Tournament — noon start
11thScramble Tournament — 8am start with 2022 Season Awards to follow
12-13thEastern Maine Seniors
23rdYMCA Tournament
18thPoint Quota 3 of 4
25thPoint Quota 3 of 4


1stJamie Place Memorial Tournament — noon start
2ndPins & Sweeps (Cash Point Quota)
9thPins & Sweeps (Cash Point Quota)
16thPins & Sweeps (Cash Point Quota)
23rdPins & Sweeps (Cash Point Quota)
30thPins & Sweeps (Cash Point Quota)