Mike Lannan Scores an Ace

Northport Golf Club is happy to announce the third hole-in-one this season. The lucky member of the Ace Club is Mike Lannan. On Friday, 8/6, Mike used his 6 iron on the No. 3 Par 3 hole. He used a pinnacle golf ball. Congratulations, Mike!!!

Mike really knows how to start off the three day Member Guest Tournament! Mike joins Mike Marshall and John O’Neill, all three making a hole-in-one this season at Northport Golf Club.

We also have a photo of Mike and his partner, Vern Rainville, returning to Bayside after their first day of tournament play. (Photo credit to Dan Webster, who shared this photo in his Bayside Picture of the Day. Check out BaysideMaine.com for more stories and information about Bayside.)

Love the matching outfits!

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