4th of July Flag Tournament

The Independence Day Flag Tournament was rained out on Sunday, the 4th. Fortunately, the weather was perfect on the following day, and lots of golfers showed up to plant their flags. The rules are simple – add your handicap to 72, and once you have reached that number of strokes, plant your flag. The flags making it to the farthest distance will be in the winner’s pool.

Winners for this year’s annual flag tournament:

1stTim RileyHole 20$75.00
2ndButch Norman15’ from Hole 19$55.00
3rdRandy Berry20’ from Hole 19$45.00
4thDave HodgdonCollar Hole 19$40.00
5th Tie – Alex CarrollHole 18$32.50
Tie – Mark WallaceHole 18$32.50
7thTie – Jenna CalerHole 17$16.50
Tie – Chad PlaceHole 17$16.50
Tie – Tiffany HodgdonHole 17$16.50

These photos are from last year’s Flag Tournament, well worth another look:

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